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OkJPA is an open source data persistence library

No XML Config

No more XML configurations any more! Get rid of your xml configuration problems!

Light Library

The size of the library is just 39kbs, it is very light and easy for downloading!


You don't need to worry about the types of the data in database or in business code! Just enjoy it!


Let's start by a quick example!
  • Step One

    SessionFactory sessionFactory
                          = new SessionFactoryBuilder()
                          Session session
                = sessionFactory.getSession(true);
  • Step Two

    @Select("select user_id from User where age = ${age}")
    public List<Long>
    getUserIds(@Param("age") int age);
  • Step Three

    UserMapper userMapper
    = session.getMapper(UserMapper.class);
    List list = userMapper.getUserIds(18);
  • Step Four

    So you get the List of the Objects, you can build it into your buisiness logic! If you want more infomation about the usage, go to my github and find out! I got many use cases for you! Enjoy!

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Or you can download from here directly!


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